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Our Vision and Values

Vision, Purpose and Goals

All people to have safe, secure, affordable and appropriate housing

Rural Housing Network Limited is committed to ending homelessness. We will work in partnership with Government, business, communities and individuals to develop and provide the full range of quality housing and homelessness services.


Our Values

Housing is a Human Right
• A home is fundamental to human dignity and opportunity.
• We will have the courage to advocate for the rights of those without safe, secure, affordable housing.
• We understand the causes and effects of homelessness and so will treat homeless people with compassion and empathy.

Housing Justice for all people
• We will ensure that every person has access to our services and that every-one receives their fair share of resources.
• We will look for ways to provide, rather than refuse a service.
• We will promote the rights of people to make decisions that affect them.
• We will uphold the rights of people to make choices, even when their choices conflict with our values.
• Our decisions will be guided by fair policies and evidence, and we shall be accountable for those decisions.

Seeking solutions
• We will focus on solutions rather than problems, and recognise that solutions require creativity and flexibility.
• We acknowledge that all people are unique and our responses will reflect their individual needs.
• We will cultivate creativity within our workforce and encourage others to do the same.

Striving to be the best
• Behaving with honesty and integrity, we will provide the best service we can.
• We will encourage and act upon feedback to improve what we do.
• We will acknowledge our deficits and encourage an environment of learning and continuous improvement.
• By celebrating our successes, we will motivate ourselves and our organisation to achieve our goals.

We cannot solve homelessness alone
• Ending homelessness is a shared responsibility. We cannot do it alone.
• We’ll collaborate with others who share our values and our vision to end homelessness.
• We will build trust by doing what we say we’re going to do and be responsible to our stakeholders for our part of the collaborative relationship.